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不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

The shelf of the intelligent warehouse is stable and easy to access


The appearance of the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse breaks the situation that the warehousing of the goods is not enough. The space area of the three-dimensional warehouse is very large, and it can make full use of every land resource in the warehouse. Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse is now widely used in large enterprises, large supermarket stores, logistics transportation companies, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse to solve the dilemma of inadequate storage use, in the three-dimensional warehouse, a device is very important - the shelf, the warehouse shelf plays a very important position on the shelf. Place pallets for storing goods so as to achieve the purpose of warehousing.
Then, how do the shelves of intelligent warehouse work?
The normal work of the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse shelf is that it is far from being able to leave two other equipment computers and laneway Stacking Cranes. Without these two equipment, the shelf is only a simple shelf, and the crane can be freely interspersed between the shelves and through the computer's instructions. Stacking cranes can accurately and accurately access goods, and a large warehouse does not require too many personnel operations, it is a convenient project.


Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse shelves continuously improve the way of access to goods, and strive to develop efficient, fast and convenient integrated automatic cargo access mode, which can save labor and save the work of warehouse managers at the same time. The shelf height of different stereoscopic warehouses is different. At present, the highest shelf is 5 meters, and is constantly breaking through. The three-dimensional warehouse adopts a high-rise warehouse structure, which can not only facilitate the access of the crane to the cargo, but also make the maximum use of the warehouse area.
The placement position of the warehouse shelf is very scientific. The distance, size, and height between each shelf have a certain process standard. The fundamental purpose of the strict design and arrangement is to facilitate the convenient shuttle between the rack and the rack.
What are the functional benefits of a three-dimensional warehouse shelf?
The shelf is very frequent in the use of logistics, transportation, transportation and storage. At present, the large logistics companies in China have used a three-dimensional warehouse to store the goods. The three-dimensional warehouse shelves produced by Wuhu kjie production are made of reinforced concrete material, making the structure of the entire shelf very stable, and will never collapse easily and steadily. Qualitative pole, automatic access.