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不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

The origin of shelves and the function of shelf shelves


The internal equipment of the stereoscopic warehouse is made up of three dimensional storehouse shelves, stacking machines, outgoing and warehousing systems, testing systems and so on. The storage function of stereo library directly affects the function and storage capacity of the stereo library. At the same time, the coordination of three-dimensional storage shelves with other equipment, such as stacker, has also made the stereoscopic storehouse more convenient and efficient.
First, the shelf is the earliest because of the large storage demand in the Yangtze River Delta, this side is also one of the earliest areas in contact with foreign technology, so using foreign technology to design the shelves. The shelf of three-dimensional library was first designed by the combination of Chinese and western. The shelf of the stereoscopic storehouse is lightweight and cumbersome in structure, and the structure is reasonable, and the bearing capacity is not low. In addition, the structure is simple and can be simply disassembled and refitted. Because of this efficient function, it is widely used in supermarkets, factories and so on.


Next, we will introduce some shelf functions of stereo library.
1, the three-dimensional structure: this structure can make full use of the space of the warehouse and improve the utilization ratio of the warehouse space. Warehouse storage in the same space can increase storage capacity and enhance storage capacity.
2, convenient access: the use of stereoscopic warehouse shelves, the conventional storage shelf "advanced first out" or "advanced after" restrictions, can be a good use of three-dimensional library shelf advantages in accordance with the needs of the goods.
3, goods management: three-dimensional warehouse shelf has a very strong ability to manage goods. Compared to the original storage shelf for the goods can only have the surface of the goods management ability, the warehouse shelf can carry out rapid tracking of all goods, easy to supervise and clear.
4, large storage capacity: it can store large volume, bulk and miscellaneous goods. At the same time, with the cooperation of roadway stacker equipment, it is easy and efficient to carry and access.
5, cargo protection: some goods are fragile, afraid of extrusion, or need fire prevention and moistureproof. The shelf can satisfy the needs of cargo protection well.
6, low cost: the production cost of the rack is not high, and the raw materials are not expensive, but it can efficiently meet the needs of logistics and transportation.
The above is the shelf origin and three-dimensional storage shelf effect. In the practical application of the three-dimensional library, the stereoscopic warehouse has played a vital role. It can be said that the revolution of the stereoscopic library shelf technology can have the birth of a three-dimensional library. Cotier company focuses on the production of advanced three-dimensional storage rack equipment to help customers build three-dimensional library, to meet customer demand for efficient storage and low cost.