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不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

Solid warehouse stacking machine, easy to operate, flexible and efficient!


The stacker is evolved from the bridge stacker, and it has a very significant role in the automated warehouse. It is mainly used for the transportation of the narrow laneway between the high-rise shelves. Through the roadway stacker, the goods located in the roadway are put into the pallet, or the goods in the pallet are removed. It is easy to operate, flexible and efficient and so on.
The stacker stacker has many very remarkable features. First of all, there are a variety of electrical control methods. The warehouse manager can choose according to the needs, including manual control, semi-automatic control, computer control and so on.
In addition, there are two kinds of stacks for trackless stacks: trackless and trackless. The trackless stereoscopic stack stacker does not have to turn the body right angle when carrying out the stacking operation. It only needs to turn the fork of the front end to turn, which can greatly reduce the passage space of the whole operation and increase the utilization rate of the space.


Trackless stacking machine has better maneuverability, no matter whether it is steering, lifting, moving forward or sideways and tilting, it has very flexible characteristics. In addition, the trackless radius of the trackless stacker is relatively small, which is very suitable for the main elevated warehouse and has good control performance. This will provide reliable basic conditions for the automatic management of automated warehouse in the future.
In addition, no matter which type of stereoscopic storehouse stacker, most of them are variable frequency speed control, so it has very good speed control performance, so that the stacker can have high parking accuracy in the roadway operation, and thus can be accurately completed after the operation.

  Most of the stacker stacks use a safety sliding contact type transmission device, so that the power supply safety of the whole equipment can be guaranteed to a maximum extent. During the operation of the equipment, if there is a sudden power cut on the way, it is likely that the goods will be damaged due to inertia. In addition, the overload rope loosening device can ensure the safety of equipment, goods and people present in unexpected situations.
The stereoscopic stack stacker has a mobile studio. In order to facilitate the operation of the staff and improve the operating comfort of the operator, the operating handle and operation buttons in the studio have been properly adjusted and arranged.
The overall equipment frame of the stacker stack machine is light in weight, but has strong compression and bending resistance, and also has good wear resistance. High precision debugging performance ensures efficient transportation and safe transportation.