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不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

不断探索用户体验的可能性,让价值共享 记录企业发展脚步。

How to improve the accuracy of automatic storage during storage?


In the use of automated three-dimensional library, it is not possible to put the goods into the appropriate location, and we need to set up the logical operation of the automatic stereoscopic library. Then how to improve the precision of the warehouse by mechanized operation setting? In fact, the owner can be divided into two steps: one is to distribute the goods, The two is scheduling optimization.
First, how do we carry out the distribution of the goods?
1, at the beginning of the warehouse, there is an operation to lock up the goods in advance so that when the goods do not reach the cargo position, the cargo position is locked, and the other goods cannot be pre assigned to the goods before the arrival of the goods when the goods are not reached. This will not be other before the goods arrive at the position of the goods. The goods are occupied by his goods. However, it is easy to make mistakes in the operation of this lock, for example, what is the case of the arrival of the goods? Is there a tray? If the pallet operator is not taken out, the lock is taken normally.


2, line up after storage and wait for stacker. The time allocated is to put the last item from the stacker and start to allocate it when it is empty, so that it can avoid the technical error of the lock-in location, and it will not have any difficulty in operation. It simplifies the difficulty of setting up, and also coordinates and coordinates with the later scheduling when starting the allocation of warehouses.
Second, how does Ko do scheduling?
The scheduling mainly depends on the work of the stacker, and the stacking machine must have a sense of mission in the work. But the original principle is to follow the established route according to each cargo and pallet, so that it is not scientific, in essence, is the primitive manual way. A certain route is given to a cargo or tray, but if it is not made artificially, it will appear that even if the goods are in the warehouse, there will be no later follow-up. Now the update process is at the entrance, if there is goods, the dispatching stacker will pick up the goods and find empty space, so that the middle link is removed, saving time.
When entering the warehouse, the accuracy of the warehousing of the stereoscopic storehouse is mainly based on the allocation of the warehouses and the coordination of later scheduling. After that, the Constitution can be transferred from the operator to the mechanized backstage equipment of the automatic stereo library, so as to improve the precision of the warehouse and complete the improvement of the automatic stereo library.