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Reducer Factory Stacker Vertical Storage Shelf

Customer Name: Reducer Factory

Case Background: The company found us through the network, there is a need to buy stacker-type warehouse shelves, and then King Kojie took the initiative to contact him. The final customer chose Kojie's automated three-dimensional warehouse, and we provided the design plan and drawings of the automated three-dimensional warehouse.

Cooperative Project: Stacker-type Vertical Storage Shelf

Customer requirements: Customers hope that the automated warehouse can improve work efficiency, but also reduce the rate of damage to goods, maximum protection to the surface of goods will not be harmed.

Project implementation: Because of the need of production, the first floor of the automated warehouse is specially equipped with lighting system, which fully considers the problem of space saving. The staircase design is reasonable, and it is convenient for relevant personnel to access goods up and down. Because the first floor is equipped with production equipment, the height and span design of the automated warehouse are analyzed in detail. We adopt an automated three-dimensional warehouse, carrying about 1000kg.

Panoramic Diagram of Automated Stereo Warehouse:


Case Note: The project ended in April this year and the automated three-dimensional warehouse has been put into use formally. In fact, if only the warehousing function is needed, we can suggest to make the loft shelf products. Whatever the product or project, we will solve the problem for you from the customer's point of view.

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