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Case Study of Automation Storehouse Construction of a Coatings Company in Wuhan

Customer Name: Automated Library

Case Background: This is our company's key customer for long-term cooperation in Wuhan. Because of the cost and safety performance problems caused by manual cooperation with forklift trucks to access goods.

Collaborative project: automated library establishment

Customer demand: Save the area of warehouse, make full use of the space of warehouse, improve the management level of warehouse by automation management. Automated three-dimensional warehouse can form an advanced production chain and promote the progress of productivity.

Project implementation: When Kojie Engineer started to design the shelf scheme, he realized that the warehouse area was large and the floor was high. The height of the shelf can be designed a little higher, and the passage can also be left much wider. The warehouse will soon become neat and upgraded.
1. Using shuttle shelves, according to the size of the warehouse, there is only one fork-type working channel, which is arranged in the direction of logistics.
2. Goods are first-in-first-out, one end is the storage shelf, the other end is the storage shelf, which will speed up the distance of shuttle car taxiing when pallets are out of storage, and improve work efficiency.
3. Because of the high height of the shelf, it is suggested that enterprises should install angle guards on each column and anti-collision barriers around the shelf.

Panoramic Diagram of Automated Storehouse:


Case study shows that the shelf of three-dimensional warehouse can be an evolutionary version of all shelf types. With shuttle trucks and semi-automatic logistics system, each card can be fully utilized. Under the proposal of our company's professionals and design scheme, the warehousing efficiency has been greatly improved.

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