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科杰智能仓储产品主要运用在光纤线缆、锂电池、光伏、农业、生物制药、汽车制造、电力能源等十大行业。<br> 我们的努力看得到,希望下一个携手的就是您。

Case Study of Medium-sized Shelf Engineering of a Clothing Brand Manufacturer

Customer Name: A Clothing Brand Factory

Case Background: This case is the second cooperation between Xieda and its customers. For the first time, heavy-duty cross-beam shelves are used. The overall layers are three layers and four layers. The color selection is blue column with orange cross-beam.

Cooperative projects: medium shelves

Customer Requirements: In this case, the medium shelves required by customers are 300 KG per floor. According to our requirements, we match the medium-sized 300 KG partition shelves with customers. The selection rate of this shelf in warehouse is up to 60%, while meeting customer requirements, it also reaches the highest cost performance ratio and gets customers'approval.

Project implementation: Because the overall goods are mainly clothing, so customers do not need to use forklift trucks for operation, so when we design, we will reduce the overall channel, increase the use of shelves, greatly improve the overall utilization rate of warehouses, customers also praise our move, the expansion of the scope of the future, the shelf layout of warehouses has to rely on us to contract.

Panoramic view of medium shelf:


Case Note: For the overall coordination of the warehouse, this case also chooses the same color matching with a batch of shelves. Finally, in order to separate a batch of clothes from other kinds, customers choose blue for the shelf pillars, beams and laminates in this area, in order that warehouse management can better command operations and employees can better distinguish.

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