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A Case Study of Heavy-duty Shelf Engineering of an Automobile Manufacturer

Customer name: an automobile manufacturer

Case Background: Customer is a large enterprise specialized in automobile manufacturing.

Cooperative projects: heavy shelves

Customer demand: Because of the large number and weight of customers'products, a batch of heavy shelves is urgently needed to solve the current situation of disorder and congestion in warehouses.

Project implementation: Kojie shelves to understand the situation, and quickly develop the most in line with the interests of the enterprise shelf program, and in accordance with customer appointed time installation, customer satisfaction, Kojie has the privilege to become a long-term shelf supplier.

Panoramic view of heavy shelf:


Case Description: The components of Wuhu Science and Technology Heavy-duty Shelf: cross brace, diagonal brace, column, cross beam, steel foot, back-to-back shelf connecting rod, pallet support and guardrail and other components.

Description of scheme design:
1. The cross section of the column is rolled. Not only meets the requirements of beautiful appearance, but also has excellent load-bearing capacity. There are two rows of holes punched on the pillars with a punch press, which can make the crossbraces and diagonal braces connected with the pillars by bolts, and the beams hanging on the pillars can be adjusted up and down in 75mm units.
2. The steel foot of each column will be tightened with four expansion bolts of 8.8 strength to ensure the stability of heavy shelves.
3. The cross beam uses C-type enclosed beam to double the thickness of the upper and lower parts of the beam. According to the theory of steel structure design, this structure makes full use of the load-resisting capacity of the material, and has the characteristics of light weight, strong bearing capacity and low cost.
4. The crossbeam will be fixed with safety pin after hanging on the column to ensure that the crossbeam will not fall off after the impact of external forces.

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