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Case Study of Through Shelf Project in a Cold Chain Factory in Taizhou

Customer Name: A Cold Chain Factory in Taizhou

Case Background: This case is the food cold chain storage system in Taizhou. Wuhu Kojie has planned a through shelf for customers of food cold chain storage.

Cooperative project: through shelf

Customer demand: many kinds of food and inventory lead to delays in shipment and inventory inquiry, and the food time cycle is very short, goods in and out more frequently and so on.

Project implementation: According to customer warehouse height planning through shelf, shelf planning to warehouse height, so that the warehouse does not leave a trace of remaining space. Direct use of incoming and outgoing goods with shuttle forklift trucks. Column components are connected with cantilever, cantilever beam or other parts by mechanical locking device, so that food cargo will not slip or deform in the process of transportation. It guarantees that during the storage and transportation process, there will be no sloshing due to the goods, which ensures the efficiency of the work.

Panoramic view of through shelf:


Case description:

Use characteristics of through shelf:
The through-type shelf is a fully plugged-in and assembled structure, the pillar piece is an assembled structure, and the top beam and the pillar piece are connected by the pillar card. Its incomparable momentum is beyond the expectation of many shelves. The depth arrangement of through shelf is also scientific. In order to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift truck access, the total depth of the shelf in the wall area should be controlled within 9 pallet depths, and the total depth of the shelf in the middle area should be controlled within 15 pallet depths.

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