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Shuttle Library


1. Basic introduction of shuttle storehouse

Shuttle warehouse is a logistics operation mode that uses automatic lifting, conveying and sorting equipment, WMS/WCS management software and shuttle vehicle technology to improve the automation, intelligence and informatization of the whole storage system while satisfying high-density storage.


2. Composition of shuttle storehouse  

The system consists of automatic stacker, shuttle truck, conveyor, WMS, WCS management software, special shelf, etc. The system sends out instructions through the computer management system, mobilizes the automatic stacker and shuttle truck to automatically complete the cargo access action, and links the logistics of the storage area and the factory area through the intelligent transportation system to form a complete automatic storage system.


3. Basic introduction of shuttle storehouse    

The first feature of the system is its high storage density. Storage density is much higher than that of ordinary (AS RS) storage system, which greatly improves the storage and utilization space of warehouse, and then reduces the cost of warehouse operation and improves the efficiency of operation.
The second feature is the high degree of automation. The control system combines AS/RS and shuttle vehicle in the management system. The system runs automatically and is displayed by intelligent terminal. It can clearly grasp the running state of the stacker and shuttle truck. Shuttle truck is designed with on-line real-time or fixed-point charging, which can ensure 24 hours and all-weather operation.
The system has good stability. The stacker and shuttle truck adopt fork-take or drive-in operation modes. It is one of the current high-density intelligent storage system design.


4. Application Scope of Shuttle Storage  

Automated warehouse is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics industry, chemical industry and manufacturing industry, printing and publishing industry, textile industry, securities industry, food industry, transportation services and so on. Our company undertakes the overall design of automated warehouse, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after-sales maintenance and other services, providing turnkey engineering.