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Stacker warehouse


First, introduction of stacker storehouse

Stacker warehouse is one of the most important goods access equipment in automated warehouse. The lifting weight of the stacker is generally less than 4 tons, and the height of the stacker is generally between 10 and 40 meters.
is divided into single/double pillar stacker according to its structure. According to the trajectory, it can be divided into straight, turning and turnout. It mainly consists of frame, walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform, fork, safety protection device and electrical equipment.

Kejie stacker vertical warehouse is an intelligent warehousing equipment, which can cooperate with forklift, stacker and shuttle mother car to realize automatic storage and access. Forklift truck, stacker, shuttle mother truck and other equipment can not enter the intensive storage shelf area. They only work at the end of the storage area. The goods are put into the designated cargo location by shuttle truck. The first cargo location on the entrance side of the shelf is the storage location of forklift truck, stacker and shuttle mother truck. Two operation modes, FIFO and LIFO, can be realized. Shuttle trucks can also be transported by forklifts, stackers and shuttle trucks to facilitate access to other freight lanes.

Site map of stacker warehouse:


Secondly, the functions of stacker warehouse are as follows:
1. Manual access: Manual remote control, single access.
2. Automatic access: Manual remote control, single or continuous access.
3. First in first out/last out: bike ends in and out of storage.
4. Car-seeking function: Buzzing outside the line of sight, calling for car-seeking and calling back to the origin.
5. Electricity display function: automatic display of electricity value, easy to charge in time.
6. Automatic protection function: automatic parking when encountering obstacles.
7. Automatic tallying function: automatically straighten out the trays on the track.
8. Automatic counting function: automatically count the quantity of goods according to the law.
9. Rescue function (patent): refers to the safety rescue vehicle.


Third, product characteristics of stacker warehouse

The stacker's vertical warehouse is equipped with anti-swing device, which is more accurate in positioning; high strength steel is used to reduce the weight of the stacker to a certain extent and save energy; and the stacker runs at a speed of 300 meters per minute with higher efficiency.
3. Product specifications and technical parameters of stacker warehouse

Serial numberNameSpecifications and parameters
1Rated lifting weight (kg)500-4000
2Horizontal running speed (m/min)4-300
3Vertical lift speed (m/min)4-85
4Fork shrinkage speed (m/min)4-60
5Positioning accuracy (mm)Horizontal H + 3; Vertical V + 3; Fork F + 3
6Acceleration (m/s2)Horizontal: H1; Vertical: V1.3; Fork: F0.4
7Power collection modeSliding contact/contactless power supply
8Operation modeStraight/Turn/Turnout