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Automated shuttle warehouse


Automated shuttle warehouseThe shelves in use are usually beam or bracket shelves, which are generally fully assembled, a few of which are welded, and a few of which are integrated shelves. The carrier used in this kind of shelf system is usually pallet or container. The pallet is usually steel pallet and plastic pallet. The pallet's bearing capacity should be strong and its rigidity is good. If the pallet's bearing capacity is small, or the pallet's space is small, or the goods themselves have good strength and rigidity, the crossbeam can be cancelled and the pallet, plastic box or cargo can be directly placed on the bracket support.

Shelf Schematic of Automated Stereoscopic Warehouse

Automated shuttle warehouseThe requirements of manufacturing accuracy and installation accuracy are higher than those of shelves used in general occasions. The main components of shelves must be manufactured on high-precision continuous punching and rolling production line. The requirements for equipment and manufacturing technology are higher, considering that they are not within the reach of the capacity of general shelf manufacturers. Six-dimensional warehouse has already built hundreds of automated three-dimensional warehouses, among which the shelf of the three-dimensional warehouse has been a strong product of six-dimensional, with good quality and high precision, and has been widely verified.

Automated shuttle warehouse

According to the load of pallet cargo and the height of shelf, there are many types of six-dimensional warehouse shelf pillars, such as 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160 (the front width of the pillars) and so on. The thickness of the pillars can be from 1.8 to 4.0 mm. There are also many types of crossbeams, and they are internationally popular cold-rolled double-bite type, including 80*50, 100*50, 110*50, 120*50, 140*50, 160*6. Various options, such as 0, 180*60, etc.

Instructions for the Use of Shelf in Automated Stereoscopic Warehouse

AS/RS,NamelyAutomated shuttle warehouse, It is generally composed of high shelves, stackers in railways, conveyors in and out of warehouses, automatic control systems, computed warehouse management systems and other peripheral equipment. It can be used in warehouses for automatic storage and computed management of goods in container units. At present, Zhongyang shelf AS/RS is widely used in production and transportation fields, such as large-scale production enterprises, parts warehouse, flexible automation production system (FAS), large transportation centers and distribution centers in the transportation field. Our company undertakes the overall plan design, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after-sales and other services of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, providing all-round three-dimensional services.