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Kejie Intelligent Storage Equipemnt Manufacture With the experienced project management team, knowledge, skills, tools and technologies are applied to various logistics project activities, and the 8 process groups are applied and integrated to ensure the safety of the project.

In the process of project management, we can provide customers with intelligent storage:

  • Identification requirements.

  • Dealing with the needs, concerns and expectations of customers when planning and executing projects.

  • Establish, maintain and develop positive, effective and cooperative communication among customers.

  • Manage customers in order to meet project needs and create project deliverables.

  • Balanced and mutually competitive project constraints, including (but not limited to): scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources and risks.

Field management

  • Wuhu Ke Jie intelligent storage equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Carry out targeted organization and coordination control and make preparations for construction

security management

  • Safety labor protection supplies (safety helmet, safety belt, safety shoes) equipped

  • All builders must have labor insurance。

  • High altitude workers must have certificates for aerial work。

  • Electrical constructors must have an electrician's post certificate.

  • All kinds of machinery and equipment must have the certificate of annual inspection.

  • Each project is configured with a security officer.

Construction example meeting

  • All morning meetings and on-site safety meetings must be attended by all personnel and recorded in the safety daily.

  • Organize and clean up the site every day after construction.