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  • The rapid development of the electricity supplier has caused more and more complex warehousing operations and shortage of operators, leading to the high cost of warehousing and logistics. Terminal enterprises also face the difficult choice of self storage or outsourcing because of the high investment cost and complex operation management of automated warehousing system.

  • Based on these customer needs, kJ's innovative warehouse operation service provides customers with a complete set of services from storehouse to warehouse sorting, sorting equipment, storage management software and operation management services, to provide additional customers with improving the performance of the equipment system and optimizing the liquidity of the customer. Value.

  • International vision;It has served more than 10 years in overseas markets of developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and has passed the rigorous test of foreign countries to understand the most advanced standards and solutions.

  • Foreign test;Chinese shelf manufacturers are conducting comprehensive tests outside China.

  • Intensive engineering center, centralized design;The global project has concentrated experience in the engineering center of Shanghai, and has accumulated rich experience.

  • All automated stereoscopic storehouses, steel platforms and non-standard projects are calculated in accordance with the highest international standards for 1:1 modeling mechanics, and the "mechanical calculation report" is provided.

  • Can be provided to the customerComprehensive logistics solutions

  • Through the inspection of the multinational company, comprehensiveHSE (health, safety, environmental protection) to meet the standard

  • In the design, calculation, material selection, manufacturing, transportation and installation, project management, after-sales service and other links.Total quality management TQM

  • A few shelf manufacturers with mold design, processing and maintenance capabilities.

  • Automatic welding of standard parts

  • Mature ERP use experience,Import ERP system for more than 5 years, can be traceable raw materials.

  • The unique, patented automatic safety lock has greatly improved the security of the system.

  • Fine packaging can withstand the whole process of transportation, unloading, installation and commissioning.

  • A well-trained direct sales team.